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Your Nose, knows!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The average person is exposed to anywhere from 4,000-10,000 advertisements per day. People simply cannot absorb that much stimulation, and the auditory and visual bombardment causes consumers to become desensitized to certain types of advertising.

The importance of scenting is catching on as business owners are tapping into the emotional response scents have on people, and profiting from the power scents have on influencing consumers buying decisions. Some of the major brands globally have started with complementing or building their brand based on scents!

Is your business benefiting from the improved performance by employees and customer loyalty?

Humans can remember 5% of what we see, 2% of what we hear, 1% of what we touch, but 35% of what we smell!

Our sense of smell is processed by the limbic system of our brain which is located on the left side of our brain. This direct path to the emotional part of our brain means scent doesn't have to be processed or interpreted. The limbic system is the "emotional" part of our brain that is responsible for mood, emotions and memories.

Scents are used in branding because it increases a customers’ remembrance of the brand by them building an emotional memory to the products and brand. The sense of smell is the sense most linked to our emotional recollection. It can create instant connections between a brand and other memories. Neuromarketing studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by a particular smell. Smell is linked to pleasure and well-being, emotion, and memory. Therefore, it can influence customers’ emotional state and mood to make the customers more susceptible and even impact customer behavior.

To create a scent-brand;

- Consult a professional perfumer, incorporate the scent to a multitude of facets of the customer and employee experiences

- Consider the method of producing the scent, based on the size of your business offices or stores, you may need different equipment to distribute the scents

- Do not worry about allergies, you are trying to be subtle in this marketing approach, over time the space will absorb the scent.

Combining both academic and market research Aroma teaches businesses across an array of industries how to capitalize from scent marketing and branding strategies.

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