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Selling all the time!

I have written before that the best salesperson in any organization needs to be the CEO or President of the company, even if they are not in the role of selling the product or services to the actual customers.

As important is the sales process to the customers in order to create revenue and cash flow to sustain and grow the company, the sales process that occurs internally drives the efforts outward.

"Leadership needs to sell the company, it's vision and mission to those that will help it along the path!"

In order to recruit new employees, you need to convince them that they need to come alongside the organization and help the organization become the best that it can be. Like everyone else, you wish to acquire the services and efforts from the "Best in Class" to help ensure that the organization has the best opportunity to grow and thrive, but in a competitive labor market, this means that you need to sell the organization to the labor force so that they join you opposed to your competitors!

Sometimes it is easy to sell the employees on the front end, they may be disillusioned or deflated working for your competitor, just looking for change. Retaining their services, knowledge and expertise though is far more valuable to your organization, and this is where you are needing to bring the best sales person into the picture. The leadership needs to constantly sell the vision and f\dream of why your organization is the only viable option. Sometimes the selling process includes financial rewards, however sometimes, in fact most times, selling your colleagues on their present employer has much far reaching results.

"Where there is no vision, the people shall die"

Ways to sell the company include, casting the vision, telling the employees how their efforts correlate to the success of the organization and how their work is impacting the lives and activities of your customers!

Selling the organization to the new employee is easy, it is easy to put on a fake smile and dress up the organization to appear to be so wonderful. Selling the organization on an ongoing basis, day in day out is much harder, your employees see every decision, every action from the inside of the organization. They can't be fooled! This sales effort needs to be genuine and consistent to ensure that  the message is not lost.

The most valuable asset in an organization is their people, and if they are focused, committed and all pulling in the same direction, the organizations success is all but secured! 



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