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Grass Roots endorsements - Micro Influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing, companies are no longer focusing exclusively on the big Internet stars. Instead, they’re showing more and more interest in profiles with small, yet very loyal and active groups of followers – micro-influencers.

What is Grass Roots Marketing?

Whether you are a small local company or global brand, we all need grassroots marketing. In transportation it is referred to as the last mile delivery. The grass roots marketing is predominantly word of mouth marketing that is done on a 1 on 1 level of communication. Grass Roots marketing fills the bottom of the customer Triangle with leads and potential customers to convert. The best people to do this is Brand followers, and people that buy your company vision and mission.

Who and what are micro-influencers?

The definition of 'micro-influencer' is pretty vague – some say it means 250 to 5,000 followers, others say 1,000 to 10,000. We don’t attach any particular number to micro-influencers. In some circumstances, there can be very interesting micro-influencers in niche areas with as few as 250 followers.

The important thing is that micro-influencers can achieve high levels of engagement with those around them. They are passionate people who instill their opinion on a specific target audience. Their followers view them as friends, acquaintances and experts in a particular subject area. This results in a very high degree of credibility.

Micro-influencers and Grass Roots marketing are excellent ways to reaching very specific target groups.

Why does it pay to work with micro-influencers?

Influencers have become an indispensable part of social media. They’re highly persuasive, but at the same time, the distance between them and their followers becomes bigger and bigger as their following grows and become more well-known. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are in close contact with their followers, their followers are especially loyal and have a 1 on 1 interaction. They generate higher like rates and tend to achieve longer-lasting effects than macro-influencers who promote a wide variety of products.

Because of their more intimate relationship, Micro-influencers get their followers to really engage with a brand or the product. This is what makes them, so great at addressing those products and topics that may require some deeper explanation.

What are the advantages of a campaign with micro-influencers?

The advantages include not only their high engagement rate, but also the trust factor they enjoy within their communities. Personal interaction and loyalty from followers speak in favor of including micro-influencers in campaigns is that they provide authentic content. This content resembles a personal recommendation between friends and can easily be done with a small advertising budget.

Micro-influencers are perfect for campaigns that need to come off as especially authentic without costing too much.

Micro-influencers, macro-selection

Micro-influencers usually only work with corporations if the “chemistry” between the brand and the influencer is right and the product being advertised fits their own profile and that of their audience. What this means is that it’s necessary to find the right micro-influencers from the large selection of profiles available.

One good way to approach this is to look at what they’ve already posted to get a basic idea of how the micro-influencer works. This makes it possible to evaluate how a possible future collaboration might look. Look at users who like your content or follow you, perhaps they would like to help you spread the word!



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