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Fed up with federal hiring? How I’m making a difference.

One thing that I’ve heard over and over in my career is that government jobs are impossible to come by. With all the bureaucracy and red tape, I find it hard to disagree. That is why I decided to make a difference.

I’ve spent the last five plus years in federal human resources, and have been confronted by countless applicants that are clearly frustrated with the hiring process for government jobs. Usually, I don’t get to speak to one of these applicants until after they have received their notice of rejection. At that point, it is too late to educate them on the process for it to do any good regarding the opening they just applied for.

It’s very difficult for an applicant to receive the advice following their rejection. I always have to say, “I can’t help with this case, but here’s how to do it better next time.” The sad truth is that there may never be a next time. Either the type of position the applicant is looking for won’t become open again for a very long time, or we’ve lost an applicant for life due to the difficult processes.

After years of this cycle it finally hit me. Maybe there could be a way to help educate applicants before they apply to the position. This way, they could submit their application properly the first time and not miss out on the immediate opportunity. My response to this issue is a website,

Using Youtube as my guide, I was able to build a wordpress website centered around providing guidance on the federal hiring process. I write articles and create videos that help explain how everything works on the HR side of things, so that applicants can understand the rules behind the process. The idea is that by explaining how I look at their application on my end, they will better understand what is required of them when they apply.

The articles and videos are provided at no cost to the viewer. They are designed around different specific topics of the federal hiring process. With more content being created daily. If the material sparks specific questions there is a contact page that allows for free consultation as well. In order to reach everyone possible the content is also extended to Youtube and Facebook so that anyone interested has a chance to view.

Reaching as many potential applicants as possible, as early as possible, is the only way to help increase the success of their government job application. This not only benefits the applicant, but also the hiring facility. More successful applications means an increase in the applicant pool for the hiring department to make their selections from. More applicants means increased competition for the best candidate to be able to rise to the top. Instead of some cases now, where departments are forced to hire the best of the worst.

By revealing the secrets to federal hiring, my goal is to help more and more people obtain the government job of their dreams. If you too are fed up with federal hiring, then utilize these resources so that you can begin your new career with the federal government.

By: Kasey Cady



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