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Entrepreneur's Solve Challenges

Managing a business is always challenging, no matter how experienced you are or what your age is. Thankfully, due to all the technology we have at our disposal nowadays, there are so many programs, apps and opportunities that we can utilize to make business processes easier. We can achieve so much more in an 8 hour day because of today's technology.

If you are new to the business game, make sure to check out these tips for starting a new business. Here are a few options you can do to make your business more manageable.

Invoice creation

When you repeat some actions several times, it is considered to be a process. To save time and make managing your business easier, you should automate all the processes you have, invoice generation in particular. Invoices are one of the most important documents that each business deals with on a regular basis. They represent your company to the clients and serve as its image. Many online processors like Square or PayPal allow you to create invoices within their systems.


When you are the one in control of your business, it may be hard to delegate and let go of some things. While there may be some tasks that only you can do, there is no need to do everything yourself. Outsourcing has proved itself to be one of the most effective ways to get things done and save time and resources. From bookkeeping to web design - whatever tasks you have on your list, there is a person you can hire online who can do it for you for the lowest cost possible.

Using apps

There are so many useful online apps out there nowadays. Some of them were designed particularly for business owners, some can be enjoyed by everyone. From productivity tools that help you stay organized and on track of your to-do list to apps that track customers visits and orders on your website - you should take advantage of what they have to offer and make better use of your time.

Inbox management

With a great number of emails coming in from vendors, customers and others offering great advice, your mailbox will become unmanageable. And when you finally decide to arrange it, you waste a lot of time and energy dealing with the large amount of emails. You can avoid that by creating special folders in your email client. The ideal situation is when you deal with an email only once. If it needs little action, respond to it right away. If the matter takes longer to solve, add it to your to-do list and move the email to the corresponding folder. You are free to create as many folders as you see fit, the goal here is to save time. You can also set up a reminder to clean your mailbox on a regular basis so that it does not get over looked.

Creating backups

Even if you are very responsible and have good protection, still, accidents do happen, and more often than you might think. Your website may get hacked, or the server it is hosted on may go out of service, or some plugin may corrupt your design and content - there are so many worst-case scenarios that may result in your data being irreversibly affected or even gone. To save yourself from having to recreate everything anew and to protect your work, make it a rule to back up your website regularly. We suggest that you do it every time you implement some major changes or upload new content.

If you are using the services of some hosting provider, back up your hosting account as well. Some platforms have an option of automatic backups for your convenience where you can set up the required frequency. It is highly important to store your backups in more than one place. If one of them gets compromised, you will still have access to your backups and will be able to restore what you need.

Building a successful business takes a lot of time and effort, but managing it and keeping it afloat is even harder. No matter what product you sell and what service you provide, there are always things to tackle. Let's hope that these tips will reduce the amount of missed opportunities.



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