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Delegation to boredom!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

You often hear how business consultants will tell small business owners to delegate their work load. This is echoed by those leading multi national or Fortune 100 companies. It is all well intended advise and instruction dished out to the benefit of the small business owner, however sometimes  those giving the message need to consider how the words of heeding are interpreted by those receiving them!

I have come across many small business owners who hold onto to many of the company's key decisions and operational functions only to handicap the businesses growth, all while burning the business ownership out. This is not productive at all, as a business ownership that is "burned out" stops being effective at what they do best, offering a personal touch to a business transaction of excellence.

Delegation therefore is essential, but needs to be understood first! 

Delegation's meaning and objective need to be understood first. So what does it mean to delegate?

Delegation is similar to a sports coach assigning positions. Most small business can be compared to a one man Football team taking on a full 53 man opposing team. It is very easy to comprehend that the one man team doesn't stand a chance in overcoming the full roster team, even if the individual player is the best player in the league. If the individual was good enough to hold their ground initially, over time the demands from playing all positions at the highest level will wear the players strength and stamina down, forcing him to surrender eventually.

Delegation then, as similar to to the coach assigning positions to his roster, the coach will assign each player according to their abilities and strengths. Business ownership needs to assign responsibilities and tasks according to the staff members strengths and abilities, not only the staffs but the ownership's too! If you were to buy stock in a publicly traded company, you are part of the ownership of that company. Would you elect yourself to the board of directors just because you have ownership of the company? In the same way, some owners are going to be better off letting others take a leadership role in the day to day operations, being held accountable to the ownership, similar to the way publicly traded companies shareholders appoint the most qualified candidates and leaders for their business.

In a small business, the ownership needs to remind themselves as to why they started the business, and what skills, services or products they wanted to bring to the marketplace. Delegation and growing a team of employees is done to undertake greater tasks and as the saying says "many hands makes light work"!

A MAJOR problem I also see in small business owners that over delegate the operations of the business, is a bored mind. This is a dangerous place for business owners and small businesses, minds without focus and wandering, either create problems or have the time to overthink. One of the biggest culprits to crime is said to be bored neighborhoods. China has done a great job keeping much of their population busy and productive opposed to bored and problematic! With the largest population on the earth, the government of China has a momentous job in keeping their country productive and busy.

Correct delegation has the business ownership sharing the responsibilities and tasks to operate and grow the business by those whose abilities allow for the best results while maintaining the engagement of all the interested parties. So go out and build the best business you can, and find people who care enough to help!



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