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8 Awesome Design Tricks to Grab A Visitors’ Attention

When you’re designing your website, one of the first things to consider is how you will grab your visitors’ attention. For example, your homepage, header and template are just some of the aspects of your site that you can customize to really leave a lasting impression. You can use animation, parallax scrolling and lightboxes to really wow and woo your visitors so they keep surfing your site. There are so many web design tips and tricks you can easily implement.

The power of animation

Animation and movement on your site can really hook their site visitors.  The minute you arrive to the website, you quickly realize it’s not just another store. From an animated header with adorable menu icons, to the snazzy, moving products and flashing message indicating a blowout sale, it’s safe to say we won’t forget about this online store.

Captivating video backgrounds

A website featuring a unique video background specific to the business industry, not only grabs attention but clearly defines your business. If you want to make sure your site visitors understand what your business is all about, try adding a video background or a little bit of animation to your website. Be sure to choose media that accurately represents what you do or is vague enough to keep your visitors curious.

The alluring effect of parallax scrolling

Adding dimension to your site is a great way to lure your visitors in.  Parallax refers to the popular scrolling effect when your website background image moves slower than an image placed in the foreground. This is a newer web design tool that can simply add dimension to the website. Speak to a professional about parallax implemented for your web site.

The thousand word gallery

Since images are often far more powerful than words, a beautiful gallery  within your website is an excellent way to demonstrate what you do and capture your visitor’s attention right away. If you are a photographer, artfully using a gallery can show the breadth of photography skills. If you don’t have your own images, you can choose from the thousands of images available from a stock image supplier.

Clever duet between text and image

Can you make your visitors laugh within seconds of viewing your site? If so, you’re sure to get them interested in you and your brand. Sales isn't always about presenting the product, but building the connection between a customer and your company. Implementing a brilliant collaboration of text and image to make an instant and lasting impression.

Include high quality images

You don’t have to have a photography portfolio to have high quality images. A photo gallery is the ultimate way to appeal to your site visitors.  From an impressive full-screen image on a homepage, to a breathtaking photo gallery, transport your web site visitors into your world in seconds. Another neat trick? Fixed headers.  Fixed headers stay put at the top of the page, even as your site visitors scroll downwards. This design tool is great for your UX, user experience, since it helps users easily navigate your site.

The musical header

A video background or animation clearly shows off the purpose of your website. On the same token, if you’re a musician, why not greet your site visitors with a taste of your music? A creative header adds a personal touch and goes a long way.

A splash of color

Keeping your logo in place (and always reverts back to the homepage) to an attractive color overlay, making the website striking and fierce, like the company behind the web site. Bonus? Add an informative blog! 



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