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Business Done Write

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Business Done Write is part of the African Investment Management LLC (AIM Media) group. AIM Media has various investments into the Digital platforms of the world, while also developing and creating web services for many customers around the world.

Business Done Write is an Online Magazine that looks to bring a balanced and fresh approach to the manner in which business is done. Our contributors include various Entrepreneurs that have created, operate or retired from Multi Million Dollar national or international businesses. 

Business Done Write looks to create business leaders that bring an overall contribution to the communities that businesses play a role in! 

Meet the Business Done Write Team

Mr Paul Prior

Born and raised in South Africa, Paul was always found on a sporting field or court as a young man. Competing and excelling at various sports until focusing on tennis, going on to play on the ATP tour and training other players to achieve great accolades in the sport of tennis. Paul’s passion and focused character have since been brought into every aspect of his life -family, relationships and business where the the qualities that carried him to the highest levels in the world of sport have fueled his successes. Paul has led various companies throughout a broad career at an executive level, some started from the ground up and growing into multi-million dollar companies.

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